Muffin Christmas Selection Box 2014

Minden termékünk leárazva - akár 75% kedvezmény! + Ajándék limitált Myprotein shaker ha 30.000Ft felett rendel | Nem szükséges kedvezménykód használata

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+ Ajándék Ajándék limitált Myprotein shaker ha 30.000Ft felett rendel oldalunkon
Nem szükséges kedvezménykód használata, az árak már tartalmazzák a kedvezményeket.

A kiárusítás 2016/07/25. éjfélig vagy a készlet erejéig érvényes.

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2 290 Ft

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It’s Christmas time and what better way to get in the festive spirit than to have an assortment of our new protein muffins in one delightful Christmas Selection Box. Tuck in after an intense training session or share with friends and family at this special time of year. Whether they're being used as stocking fillers or placed under the tree for a Christmas morning surprise, these Christmas gift boxes are sure to bring a smile to any fitness fanatic’s face. The selection box is a great price so spread the festive joy and fuel your Christmas with Myprotein!

What is found in the Christmas Muffin Selection Box?

The Christmas Muffin Selection Box contains 3 great tasting, high protein Muffins which include a toffee, chocolate and lemon & poppyseed flavour.

Kiemelt előnyök

  • Three great tasting protein muffins
  • A perfect gift for a fitness enthusiast
  • Ideal as a stocking filler

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Muffin Christmas Selection Box 2014

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Muffin Christmas Selection Box 2014