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The UK’s No.1 best-selling men’s magazine. Men’s Health is the magazine for active, successful, intelligent men who want to make the most out of their physical, professional and emotional lives.

This month in the UK's best-selling men's magazine: our Eat Like A Man special dishes up the meal plans, recipes and science-backed tips you need to build the body you want – zero self denial. Lose weight the easy way on MH's Anti-Diet, have the guts to do better with cheap, nutritious offal cuts and fuel on the move with the healthiest high-street bites. Plus propel yourself to a PB with triathlon tips from a rocket scientist, take on the workout that built Kellan Lutz's Herculean body and raise your style game with our guide to masterful matching. Hungry for more? Find out what happened when one MH writer dated 40 women in four weeks…

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Men's Health Magazine

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